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join us in the vision

Why Donate? Your support is crucial. It enables us to:

  • Empower Entrepreneurs: Help us initiate and execute new programs in using AI and legal tech for good.

  • Promote Diversity: Support our efforts to bring more women and diverse groups into tech.

  • Advance Ethical AI: Aid us in developing AI responsibly and in line with our Christian values.

Your Donation's Impact:

  • Enhance Resources: Improve our tech tools and research facilities.

  • Expand Learning: Grow our range of educational workshops.

  • Boost Community Projects: Increase our community support and outreach activities.

Be a Part of the Change: Every donation, no matter the size, helps build a better, more ethical tech future. We appreciate your support in this important work.

ways you can donate



Please feel free to come to one of our many events in person and donate in person.


Please join many others in kindly donating through our online system, which is the fastest way to help us.



Please email us at for mailing details.

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